Gentle Compression can become your BFF, helping relieve painful swelling in your legs and feet.

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Anke & Arch Protection Loop

Muscle Stabilizer

Gradient Pressure


Soft & Lightweight

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Easy to wear

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Pain management

During pregnancy, the body produces more body fluid and blood,  which may lead to swelling that can translate to pain.

Using graduated compression socks 

  • Improves blood circulation 

  •  Alleviates  leg cramps and swelling

  • Helps in preventing varicose veins

  • Helps relieve leg and feet pain

  •  Ensures healthy and happy pregnancy.

Support and stability

If you wear them right at the start of your day, compression socks will allow you to carry out daily activities with ease. The ergonomic design will ensure

  • Calf Support and prevent painful leg cramps to allow better movement.

  • Ankle and Arch Support will ensure balance assistance. 

It will help regulate oxygen supply during pregnancy exercises

Pregnant Woman with Mother

Cozy and soothing

Skin-friendly fabric coupled with

microporous architecture offers

  • A snug fit to the leg

  • Easy and comfortable to wear 

  • Enhanced breathability

This makes compression socks a relaxing accessory during Summers and Winters.