Mild Compression to tender joints and muscles of the leg can help ease that fatigue and pain,
providing an added layer of protection.

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Anke & Arch Protection Loop

Muscle Stabilizer

Gradient Pressure


Soft & Lightweight

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Easy to wear

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Pain relief in the foot, ankle & calves

Age can often bring with it chronic pain in the muscles and joints. 

Gentle Compression can

  • Reduce muscle cramps and soreness

  • Reduce Chronic leg pain and swelling 

  • Help recover from ankle foot and leg pain post injury or surgery 

Balance, Stability & Comfort

The Ergonomic design of the compression socks provides

  • Calf Support to strengthen your legs aiding in better movement,

  • Ankle and Arch Support for balance assistance.

  • Easy Wearability and snug fit

The skin-friendly fabric enhances breathability making them relaxing in summers and winters​

Image by Behzad Ghaffarian

Renewed Independence

Compression socks are helpful as they 

  •  Relieve pain in the legs and feet while standing or walking for long.  

  •  Allows seniors to exercise, socialize, or even work with much more ease and freedom.